Baby Steps

Today has been a really good day. I finally decided to stop procrastinating and make a blog. I went to Staples and snagged a Canon Powershot A590 IS and then cruised the streets of Montreal taking pictures of the beautiful, bizarre sights. Some worked, some didn’t, but the whole experience was eye opening. An angry homeless man taught me the lesson that some people, other than just Native Americans and Jim Morrison, just don’t want to be photographed. In my defense, his battalion of feral animals would have made a beautiful shot.

Anyways, I tossed my three favourite photos from the day on the site for people to see. Enjoy.



metropolitan fountain

metropolitan fountain







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6 responses to “Baby Steps

  1. Hey man,

    You’ve given me some inspiration, I think I’ll refurbish my mom’s old canon and take some pictures myself.

    I’d like to pronounce myself the first religious follower of your blog. man I hate saying that word.

    Keep the pictures comin!

  2. The staircase photo looks just like one I might take – I tend towards the geometric.

  3. semisane

    Ya, I thought it was reminiscent of a shot you would take. Lines and shapes make for some swanky pictures!

  4. Is it possible for you to turn off the ‘Snap Shots’ feature?

    It is very annoying to have popups burst out of your site whenever one’s mouse crosses a hyperlink.

    P.S. You may also want to turn on Gravatars / Identicons.

  5. Tres cool! Identicons, gravatars, and no more abrupt pop-up boxes!

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