psychology on ze brain

penfield quote

penfield quote

About a block down from my residence is The Monteal Neurological Institute. A more morose place ne’er existed on the face of the earth. Established by the famous McGill neurologist Dr. Wilder Penfield, who you may remember from the Canada Heritage Minute as the guy who made the french lady smell burnt toast. He was testing the effects of electric stimulation in the temporal lobe of the brain and is responsible for identifying this area as one of the memory centers of the brain. Gee, I guess I am learning something in Psychology100. With my midterm coming up next Thursday I am approaching max informational capacity in this department. I am going to make a concerted effort to not procrastinate and then cram. If Hermann Ebbinghaus’ methods of savings stand true, then I think I’ll be fine.

Anyways, I gotta hit the books again. I hope that I can make enough progress in my new German lit novel ,”The Adventures of a Simpleton” by Hans Jacob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen, that I can watch a Miyazaki film tonight. I’m thinking Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind or Howl’s Moving Castle. I am also downloading Grave of the Fireflies, which is apparently unlike any other Miyazaki. It’s set in Hiroshima after the atomic bomb and is apparently fantastically sad. Time to go, here’re my three faves of the day:

shiny buildings

shiny buildings



the building where I take philosophy

the building where I take philosophy



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5 responses to “psychology on ze brain

  1. The 2nd photo looks like the building Edward Norton and Robert Deniro broke into in the “Score”

    did you ever see that movie? I thought it was very cool that they actually set it in Montreal.

  2. semisane

    Yea, come to think of it, it really does. That is a really great movie, mostly cause everything Edward Norton touches is gold. Except for the remake of the Italian Job, that movie was a piece f’sho.

  3. Sassshhh;

    I really like the pic of the shiny buildings, that ground-up-in-the-city perspective always does it for me. It’s like you’re a mouse in a big maze.

    Grave of Fireflies was a great movie, also check out Jin Roh if you can find it. It’s about this really sick elite japanese anti-terrorist police force in some kind of alternate post WWII world.

    Good luck on your mid-term!?

  4. semisane

    ya, Jorgen, I like that perspective a lot too. You should dust off your camera and blog it up too, or at least host photos on DA. I wanna see what you see brotha. I am stoked for watching this anime, I am starting it right now!

  5. Alena Prazak

    Hey Sasha, I have a picture of you in front of the neurology building from the day that you moved in. I am honored that you chose the same spot to put in your blog. It’s great to catch your news. If you have a chance, go see the film festival movie called “Blindness”; is is very good.

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