The Sash-Pad/Zombie-rant

First and foremost, a public service announcement. Despite his tragic death in 2005, a new Mitch Hedberg CD has been released. He is a hilarious comedian, but it seems he has also breached the barrier between life and death. Either way, zombie comedy is scientifically proven to be 10 times funnier(Larry, Curly, Moe, et. al). To download Do You Believe in Gosh? just click the blue for a torrent link.

Mentioning a zombie right there reminded me of a sort-of episodical dream I’ve been having since I arrived in Montreal. Basically, I have it in installments that occur at least once a week, and are awaited with much excitement. They involve a dystopian world, inhabited by flesh devouring, decomposing hordes of the walking dead, in which I am, of course, the very last man left standing. I am constantly evolving and adapting my technique, pioneering new methods for keeping those brain-gobblin’ abominations in the dirt for keeps. The “series” started in a mysterious, cryptic manner which added vastly to its intrigue. I started as a scientist in a vent overhearing two men, one a military leader, the other a scientist like myself, discussing what to do about Project 2501(a subconcious reference, I believe, to Ghost in the Shell). It’s a classic scenario in which a military madman sanctions the creation of some Super-Human supplement which can grant unbelievable power. Unfortunately, as parodied in the Awesome-O episode of South Park, a scientist who is ethically at odds with the project wants it shut down. Long story short, military man wins, I wake up the next day and the world is utterly destroyed. Right away, I knew these were no ordinary zombies and was thankful for two things:

1. I had the foresight to see this coming.
2. I read The Zombie Survival Guide (thank you brenner)

So, now in my sleep I am not only recovering physically from a long day’s work, but I am kickin’ ass and taking names Freud-style. This is a textbook example of the fear extinction theory of sleep, which suggests that the purpose of dreams is to help us face and conquer our fears without the risk. This is believed to be the reason that most dreams are thematically negative or frightening in nature. While this theory holds validity for the average person, I feel it does not apply to me. If this theory were true, it would suggest that I fear zombies. And frankly, Pablo, that just’s plain ridiculous. With zombies et moi, fear is a one way street!

However, the main purpose of this post is to give those who are interested an opportunity to see my humble abode. You’ll notice some similarities between it and my old room, but I guess my tastes haven’t changed. Some noticeable and awesome aspects of it are the TV, fully equipped with Smash Bro’s Brawl, the cool new posters(namely RHCP and a parchment map of Middle Earth”), and the twin sized bed, cause with sasha and the ladies it’s a just matter of when not if, and I like to be prepared. Anyways, enjoy the pictures. Thanks for reading.

Auf Wiedersehen,




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3 responses to “The Sash-Pad/Zombie-rant

  1. Didn’t Kwang Hee get you the survival guide?

  2. semisane

    No, Kwang Hee got me “The Alphabet of Manliness”. Brenner Stewart got me the survival guide.

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