not enough hours in the day

the eraser

the eraser

As much as I’d like to write an extensive post detailing my day, I simply don’t have the time. I didn’t expect university French to pose such a challenge, but it takes 3 times longer than my old French did. In addition to my upcoming psych midterm and essay due on The Nibelungenleid the work just continues to pile up. The leaves are starting to change colour these days and you can feel the autumn creeping into your bones. My soul could use a sunny day big time. The reason my blog is sporting the cover of “The Eraser”, Thom Yorke‘s solo album, is because in a rare case of musical deprivation it was the only album I was able to listen to today because of the business of my schedule. As a result I have the songs in my head.

In gaming news, which seems to be the only gaming related activity that I have time for these days, I read an interesting article today concerning the issue of DRM and online games. I, of course, am talking about’s controversial decision to delete negative reviews of EA’s Spore that criticized the limited activation system of the new PC release which gives three lifetime activations of the game before you have to call EA and request a new key. 1000’s of one star reviews were removed by the online distributor, who attributed the deletions to “a glitch”. The reviews have since been restored on the site. On a side note, Penny Arcade has released a recent set of cartoons detailing The Origins of the CD-Keys.

Many people believe that “DRM only punishes legitimate consumers who want to pay for the software they own”. I feel the need to disagree, being guilty of torrenting a few games in my day. I feel it is the only way to protect software developers and ensure they maintain the capital to continue producing games. Indeed by around 10PM on the day of Spore’s release I was already running a fully torrented version of the game. I think the reality is that DRM improvements are an inevitability as long as mass downloading is allowed to run rampant like it does. However, I have no sympathy for game developers that go under due to software piracy, simply for the fact that any game worth playing in the 21st century should have some form of online play or social networking that would necessitate a CD key. One game developer that presents this aspect time and time again is Blizzard Entertainment. I can hardly recall the countless hours I have poured into every Blizzard title from Diablo I to Starcraft to Warcraft III. With the much anticipated release of Starcraft II and Diablo III later down the road I can safely say that they will still have a valued customer for years to come(if I ever get my god-forsaken homework done).

Au Revoir,




"woman with narwhal tusk"



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4 responses to “not enough hours in the day

  1. .

    Spore and DRM
    Monday, September 15th, 2008

  2. Jørgen

    Is that eskimo eating a revolopop or cheese bread?

    Down with DRM! What an ironic name; “data rights management(i think)”. DRM is not about managing Data’s rights, Data is givin no rights! Instead it would apply ownership to Data! This is not about Data, it’s about companies profiting from Data. Give Data rights, let Data be free.

    Good luck with your homework, much love. (F)

  3. yawrn

    So I couldn’t find the old camera, but I did take some pictures with this canon powershot things, but it’s out of batteries now.

    I have put up some pictures from Thailand for you take a look at when you get some time though.


  4. semisane

    Too true man! Too true! Testify my hard disk-bound brothas and riiiiiise above oppression! Amen, amen! Praise the lord, in all glory, omnipotence and extensive processing powa!

    Also, I checked out those photos and hooked ya up with some phatty comments. Approve those gems brotha!

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