a rebirth of spontaneity?

more house

more house

Last Saturday I attended a McGill improv workshop at the SSMU building. I went with few expectations, thinking that there was no way it could top Handsworth Improv, either under Führer Beare or Brett “Namaste” Jamieson. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the workshop. It was really basic and relaxed, which are two words I almost forgot could be associated with improv. I went with Victoria, a friend of mine from Gardner, who had been urging me for a few weeks. There are some really funny guys there, and the instructor, Jeremy, is an Australian so no matter what he says it’s a riot. I met a guy called Ben who thinks we have “rockin’ chemistry” in the improv department and talk of a tiny little troupe is circulating. I must say that I am as the francophones would say: “tres excité” by the propisition. I won’t lie, improv can make one a bit of a laughter addict. There are few sensations on par with the feeling following the delivery of a hilarious quip in front of a crowd of people. In fact, it should be easier now considering we’ll be playing in bars and everybody’ll nice and sauced up! I can hardly wait till next Saturday! Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing this scene in 5…4…3…2…1…(weeks or so).


Some pics:

bloo sky

bloo sky

the falcon

the falcon





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2 responses to “a rebirth of spontaneity?

  1. Alena Prazak

    I agree – Improv can make one a laughter addict in both official languages> I am enjoying your posts. Dad

  2. Joining clubs is an excellent idea. It’s a great way to meet new people and maintain balance.

    Hopefully, I will get the chance to see you perform sometime.

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