the beginning of the end

relief? 'tis but a pipe dream!

relief? 'tis but a pipe dream

Oy, is there no end to the academic tyranny?! Tomorrow, I have my first midterm in Psychology. I’ve been studying up a storm, and as a result am becoming increasingly stressed about my German Literature and American History papers due on Friday. Wish me luck! I am gonna keep this short and sweet for there is much reading to be done.

Some salvation rests in the knowledge that while others study well into October, my midterms are all done and dusted by the 10th. Also, if I get a free moment some time soon I have been looking to increase my collection of Wii games by a staggering 50%! I will go from a respectable two games to a mind-imploding three! That’s right, MegaMan 9 has caught mine eye. Interestingly enough, it has the highest number of sold copies of any Wii game in its first week in North America, besting even Super Smash Bros Brawl and Twilight Princess, much to my surprise. When I finally have time to play games, a privilege I have been itching for, this looks like it will be the one. Sometimes I can’t help but feel like the most deprived lad in all the world… aw well! On the bright side, I got confirmation that my older brother and benevolent overlord Milan will be visiting me next weekend from the 10th to the 13th. This is undeniably exciting and I must now think up interesting ways to entertain him. It’s times like this I wish I didn’t have so much studying and actually knew a little bit more about Montreal than the three blocks between the library and my dorm. Maybe I’ll muster the courage to venture out this weekend. We shall see!

Do widzenia,


PS: No pics for today cause I spent every waking moment I could cramming for Psych. I plan to go on a snapshot fest this weekend if my schedule permits it!



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2 responses to “the beginning of the end

  1. Jørgen

    Hey sash, once again good luck with your midterms! Eat some fish or something…

    Get back to me on Megaman when you get around to it would yah? I’ve got this Wii sitting here and I never play it because I hate all the games. 😡

    No pics… 😦

  2. Alena Prazak

    Dear Sasha,
    may the mid-term fairies hover over you in the next week. I am so glad that Mills will be with you over Thanksgiving. Maybe you can take him to the biodome? I sent you something in the mail, so please let me know when it arrives. xoxo

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