les feuilles rouges

les feuilles rouges

simply put, wow



pics de la journée:

l'arbre jaune

l'arbre jaune

geometry man!

geometry man!

ferrier building

ferrier building



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3 responses to “wow

  1. That’s an amazing art project. I especially like the bubble head that explodes into teeth and the block-headed man who becomes a pyramid of blocks.

  2. Alysson

    Are you sure there are people in Montreal? All your pictures seem to reflect very desolate surroundings… but perhaps it is merely the loneliness of your creative soul…
    Anyhoo… I’m typing to your from the ever exotic city of Victoria, listening to the thump of the bass of a Katy Perry song (not the lesbian one) while I read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Gotta say… the song isn’t quite setting the tone I was looking for. From stalking Facebook I learn that you are considering becoming a writer! YAY! You must join Nessa, Jeffrey Martin and I in writing a brilliant sitcom one day. Courtney can come too! Now… off to read more allusions to Paradise Lost… to the tune of Pink now it seems.

  3. Robbie

    I recognize that video…

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