a day in the life

Based upon A Day In the Life by The Beatles.

I had a Beatles day, oh boy.
About 4 lucky men who made the grade.
From Sgt. P to Ob-la-Di,
Well I just had to laugh.
I took some photographs
They blew my mind with every bar,
I didn’t notice that the leaves had changed.
I’d seen this place before,
but of its true nature I could tell you little more.

I saw a film today, oh boy,
about The Beatles, 1 2 3 and 4.
A well spent portion of my day,
and I just had to yelp,
having just seen HELP!
I loved to turn it on…….

woke up, fell out of bed
looked out my window; leaves were red
found my way down to improv and told a joke
then looking up, I noticed I was late
found my pod and grabbed my gat (cause I be gangstaaa)
met with Aunt Roksilana/Olenka in seconds flat.
found my way to reuben’s and had a bite,
one tiny nibble and I went into a dream

aaaah aah aah aah, aah aah aaaah aaaaha

I had a swanky day, oh boy.
4000 crazy things to see and hear!
And though the leaves will start to fall,
no need to count them all.
Now we know how many songs it takes to fill a human soul.
I love to turn it on.



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3 responses to “a day in the life

  1. Alena Prazak


    Hey Dude
    You made me laugh
    Took a good day
    And made it better

    Thanks for your poetic account of your day

    I am all shook up with laughter


  2. Clever poem.

    Thanks for blogrolling me, also.

    See you on Friday.

  3. Alena Prazak

    Hey Sis,
    You make life bliss
    Create a snicker,
    turn it into a smile

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