catch up time!



Hellllo interwubs! It’s been a hectic week, hectic and awesome. The Monday-Friday grind represented a trifecta of midterms(US History, Philosophy and German Lit). For US History I had a take home midterm. I was like, “Pfft, this gonna be so easy. Ain’t no thang!”. In actuality, it was quite a cognitive marathon. One thing that never ceases to irk me about the study of liberal arts is the emphasis put upon ideas. These pesky things are harder to grab a hold of than lubed up marmots. They never come in a moment of enlightenment nor a glorious paradigm shift, no. They are tirelessly extracted from the mind, not unlike the contortionist act performed when one reaches the end of a toothpaste tube. But back to my week. Despite some stress, I produced some work I was proud of. I was feeling mighty patriotic when I wrote my US History paper and as a result it drips with American idealism I vicariously acquired. That’s an interesting aspect I’ve found with being amongst so many Americans: patriotism spreads. Not to mention, Gil Troy, my US History professor, is a really solid lecturer and you can’t help but root for America in this guys presence. Philosophy presented a whole different set of challenges this week. The focus of my essay was Descartes proof of the existence of God. To be honest, I was pretty uninterested in Descartes Meditations, resulting in a technical paper sans heart. And last but not least, German Literature! I actually was pretty happy with my performance on this midterm. Unfortunately, I know I got 12.5% of it wrong off the bat by some quote misattribution(damn you Hagen of Troneck!). All in all, the week was essentially a countdown to Friday because on Friday my older brother Milan visited from Ottawa. Having not seen him a fair bit of time I was glad to be able to spend time with him. I’d say the highlight of his stay was either going to La Ronde, this awesome amusement park in Montroyal or Thanksgiving Dinner at Will, Tim and Dan’s. The former was quite a crazy experience. Having only ever been on “The Coaster” a magnificently tame roller coaster in Vancouver, I was not prepared for the intensity that lay ahead. First off, we went on Le Monstre, a wooden roller coaster that rocked my world to the core. I was under the impression this could simply not be topped, when loe and behold, there she was: The Goliath. This thing was insane…. INSANE!!!!! RAWR OMGAWDDDD! Basically, scariest thing I may have ever done. Whewf!

The second greatest part of this weekend was Thanksgiving at Will, Tim and Dan’s. What a feast! It seems obvious to me that those guys were master chefs or turkey basters or something cooking related in their previous lives because man that was delectable! It’s awesomeness took root in its unconventional nature. Instead of a turkey, two roast chickens wrapped in bacon! Mmmmmm, triple bypass! Instead of cranberry juice, robust red wine! Instead of reflection and thankfulness(t3h 7o7al |\|()()|3 em0tionzors), mirth and gaiety were all around! Quite a great night. Anyways, I gotta go to bed now cause I have french in ze matin!


Here are some piktchures:


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  1. Alena Prazak

    Good to hear that you finished the first mid-term hurdle unscathed. Great to see photos of you and Milan in his blog. You are definitely growing on the Richter scale of handsomeness. I would vote Sash for future Prime Minister and so would the camel.

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