peace… and WAR!

flowa powa

flowa powa

It’s decided, I am gonna be John Lennon for halloween. I was toying with some ideas, but I think this will be the most fun to do. I’ve got lots to do in preparation for this joyous event:

1. Acquire John Lennon glasses.(I got a really nice looking set for cheap on ebay lined up.)
2. Acquire Liverpool accent.
3. Acquire subsequent John Lennon-esque clothing
3.1 Decide upon which era of Lennon
4. Diligent John Lennon research, must learn:
4.1 Interests
4.2 Mannerisms
4.3 Outlook on the Universe
… and if I have time, I’ll learn some Lennon songs on piano.

Another chap on my floor is gonna be Bob Dylan, so we’ll play off that f’sho. If you’ve noticed the vivid awesomeness that is my post pic, you will be looking at the bead curtain I bought on ebay. I am gonna hang it outside my little corner block that I share with Hannah, my neighbour. I originally had my eye on a dragon one, but I liked the colour in this one.

Speaking of my corner block, this week Victoria continued the cycle of torment that I began one fateful night weeks ago. Back and forth Victoria and I have been pranking eachother, with increasing ferocity. It first started one time when I was walking past Tori’s room only to see her absorbed utterly in her studies. I crept with the sleuthiness of a true rogue and poised behind her, unnoticed, taking my time. After waiting what felt like an eternity I yelped and grabbed her. Needless to say, she flipped. And thus it began. Anyways, her latest prank was to create a minefield of styrofoam cups outside my door on the wee hours of Saturday morning. I awoke to find this:



Such a minor inconvenience has ne’er existed! Anyways, I gotta get her back in some new and devilish manner. If you got any suggestions for solid pranks, hit me up. I assure you, I’m willing to let this go on as long as it has to… and then some.




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7 responses to “peace… and WAR!

  1. Alena Prazak

    How about a prank that is really nice to change the pace and protect yourself from ever-increasing intensity of annoyance? Fortune cookies with personalized messages from your favorite philosopher perhaps.

  2. Why not make all images she accesses online appear upside down? You would need to sneak a small router between her computer and wall jack, but it would be rather amusing.

  3. Robbie

    I just figured out how to reply to this page. Anyway, I miss you alot and had a dream about you. Take care

  4. Alena Prazak

    John Lennon . . . on Halloween. How cool. I am in flight to Toronto that night. Wondering what a Halloween flight will be like. The Bell piano downstairs is hearing a lot of Beatles – Imagine, Yesterday, Let it Be, Strawberry Fields Forever. Also playing more and more . It can be addictive. Sometimes can’t leave the house in the morning without playing for a few minutes. See you soon. Dad

  5. I performed many of prank in my UBC residence. I will look back into those fond memories, and get back to you. Together we shall foil the elusive Victoria.

    Anyways, hope you had an incredible Halloween. James Bond Movie comes out in 2 weeks. so excited.



  6. Robbie

    New post! Blarg!

    Lots of love


  7. Sasha is in the hospital, having recently had his appendix removed.

    Posting will follow his convalescence.

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