On The Mend

in bed

in bed

For those of you who may not have known, I spent the last week in the Royal Victoria Hospital. About midnight on last Saturday I started to have some pretty serious stomach and abdominal pain, but I assumed it was a passing flu that I might overcome. The pain persisted, crescendoing on Tuesday when I finally decided to make the two-hundred meter trek from my residence to the McGill hospital. Once I had signed in at triage I had to wait an uncomfortable eight and a half hours to be admitted, upon which an x-ray and CT scan determined that I indeed had appendicitus. Surgery was performed and a week of worry and boredom began. Worry, because I was missing so much school, a process I have never enjoyed. And boredom because despite the fact that this hospital was smack dab in the center of the McGill campus, which is all wirelessly active, I was unable to get any internet access. This led to a recovery process marked by Arrested Development, Entourage, Friends and whatever else was on the external hard-drive my friends brought me. Also, I read the pdf’s of a bunch of old Batman and the graphic novel of The Dark Knight which was awesome.

I was released yesterday at around four o’clock much to my pleasure and now find life on the outside world pretty stressful and fast paced. I have tons of reading to get done and find the distractions of the internet, with which I was so deprived, calling me to procrastinate. Anyways, I got to read Wallenstein’s Death and get going on all my things. Thanks to everyone who called, wrote or visited me in the hospital.
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  3. Alena Prazak

    I am so glad that you are back in your own room and that this painful episode is behind you. From what I hear, you were stoic through the whole ordeal, and that does not surprise me. I am just so sad that you had to go through it. Everyone that has heard in Vancouver has called or expressed their sadness for you and they send you magic powers of recovery. Try not to worry too much about school and get well first.

  4. .

    Some Montreal doctors treat patients without washing hands: audit

    Medical staff say time, inconvenient sinks lead to low compliance rates

    Last Updated: Tuesday, January 6, 2009 | 2:50 PM ET
    CBC News

    “Doctors and nurses at some Montreal hospitals rarely wash their hands in between visiting patients, according to an internal audit.

    The McGill University Health Centre network asked staff at its various hospitals about their handwashing habits last year.

    One in four doctors in some wards reported washing their hands between patients, the audit found. The best rates were seen in the intensive care units, where 60 per cent of doctors washed up between patients.”

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