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big daddy

big daddy

With my recent removal from active society it is no surprise my gaming interest has swelled of late. For those of you looking for up-to-date, interesting news on Gaming and indeed everything cool on the internet, I recommend It has become my new favourite bookmark and is a Mecca to which all web users must make at least one pilgrimage. This is a big week for PC gamers with the PC port of GTA:IV being released on PC! I know I am excited to hit the streets of Liberty City as Niko Bellic. I still gotta wait three days till I can snag that gem. The coming release of WOTLK will prove a daunting test of my will, but I have been thus far successful in burying my head in the sand on everything pertaining its new and juicy content… I must remain strong! My time in the hospital allotted me the time to pursue the FPS lover’s rite of passge of the year, Bioshock! The verdict? Woo to the hoo.

The Breakdown:

-Great combat, innovative and interesting. Did not disappoint.
-Big Daddies scared the crap out of me.
-Cool storyline! Writers FTW.
-Plasmid and Gene customization system made for an interesting RPG experience without feeling tedious.
-The crossbow rocked, even more so than the HL2 crossbow.
-Free(<3 t3h interwubs)

-Lame brain ending. Why spend so much time building a chilling atmosphere and all these intriguing characters just to sell out to some lame nuclear holocaust? Iunno, maybe Bioshock 2 will rectify things.
-The Little Sister escort portion was painful, mostly cause they finally let you become a Big Daddy and you are forced to wait for her to walk at tortoise speed talking about flying angels and Adam. Total buzz kill.
-Hacking was just a joke, I played enough Pipe Dream on my old windows 3.1 system.
-Not enough Portals.
-Not enough Gordon Freeman.

Overall though, despite the Cons, this was one of my favourite FPS experiences I have ever had. My hat goes off to Bioshock! And really, can I complain about something in which I invested only my time and no cashola? Nein. I remember back in the summer of grade 10 reading an exclusive on this game while in Oregon vacationing with my family and thinking “sweet, I hope my Geforce 3 can run it!”. The one fact that distinctly stuck out was that there was three programmers assigned only to the water dynamics and physics, which I thought was in fact quite evident when I waded through the flooded tubes and foyers of Rapture. All in all, for anyone with a mid-level PC and some time to kill I recommend at least giving Bioshock a torrent, I don’t regret it.

This week I have also been getting my Nintendo on with Super Mario Galaxy which my brother and father got for me as a feel better present after my hospitilization. I gotta say, years of battling orcs, shooting zombies and other such intense gaming scenarios made me lose sight of this genre of gaming entirely. It has a certain charm to it, and I am glad to have this light-hearted game in my portfolio. Indeed, prior to SMG all I had for Wii was WiiSports, Twilight Princess and the all-powerful, ultimate, wicked sick Super Smash Bros: Brawl. I always like to broaden my horizons. The game itself is fun and challenging, allbeit sometimes a little disorienting with the camera angles. The addition of a cooperative role for the 2nd player helps eliminate the threat of boredom or backseat gaming from your compadrés. I never cease to be amazed by Nintendo’s ability to milk their handful of stock characters generation after generation and still provide a fun gaming experience. It just goes to show, if it ain’t broke don’t patch it.

Now only one question remains…
… where’s Starcraft 2?! I’ve been saving up Vespene Gas for years now!

My life for Aiur!



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  1. Robbie

    I think you ruptured your wound about 15 minutes after chatting with me. I hope you are ok.

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