Today I received a very special trifecta of gifts in the mail. Firstly, my mom sent me a copy of Love You Forever. It was a really sweet gesture of her. Indeed, if I had to select my favourite child author it would certainly be Robert Munsch. Everything from The Paper Bag Princess to Mortimer to Thomas’ Snowsuit, it’s alllllll goood! Secondly, my mom’s students, in a characteristic act of generosity, sent me a black and red scarf in the mail. It is just beginning to get chilly in Montreal and my neck is oh so thankful. If you are reading this mom, please pass my appreciation along. Thirdly, my friend Sierra who is studying at a castle in England sent me a very very cool book of art by an artist called Banksy. He is a very talented, edgy and stylish graffiti artist who takes it to the streets of London! The picture above is just one of his many awesome works of urban art. For the benefit of anyone interested I will upload an extensive gallery of digital Bansky scans that I found on Demonoid. Enjoy!



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7 responses to “Banksy!

  1. Here is a Bansky stencil I photographed in Oxford.

    Bonus for you, since it is panda-themed.

  2. Robbie

    I just got Sufjan Steven’s Songs for Christmas and I’m very happy with it. You should check it out if you haven’t already

  3. semisane

    Good idea Robbie. It happens to be the last one that I do not have. I have a single you sent me off it called “Sister Winter” which ain’t shabby at all. It snowed tonight in Montreal, so it’ll be timely too.

  4. Ryan Swanson

    Wowza, I’m liking some of those pictures. This guy has some serious talent.

  5. Oleh

    There is an interesting article about Banksy in a recent issue of the Walrus, which is a great magazine,

  6. Robbie W

    Hey man, I dont know how often you check this, but I’m at vic this weekend and rockin’ out to 21st Century, thinking of you.

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