Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

The Saint himself

The Saint himself

That’s right! Today is Saint Nicholas Day, a day of mirth and celebration. My family usually celebrates it with the old tradition of leaving out one’s shoe to be filled with candy, socks, vitamins and much more. I didn’t really know the origins of Saint Nicholas Day, so I consulted man’s greatest resource: Wikipedia. After some enlightenment I proceeded to open the package sent by my mom. It contained some swanky items indeed. Gloves, a must in the nippiness of Montreal. A cool dragon sun-catcher thang to optimize the Feng Shui of my abode. Some practical woolen socks in addition to some crazy colourful socks(I always need socks. Send more socks.) And last, but certainly not least, a brownish/gold jacket identical to my favourite jacket back in grade 9. It’s a wee bit bigger than my other one, but I am a wee bit bigger than myself in grade 9, so it’s perfect. I layered under it with just a sweater today. Pow! Pretty much dropkicked the cold square in the face. Happy Saint Nicholas Day to all! It’s sweet cause it’s like the appetizer before the main course, X-mas! And X-mas can mean only one thing: Vancouver! 14 days till I get to fly home, away from this strange and foreign land. Away from advertisements that are all in french! Away from the constant cigaretty scent of Downtown Montreal! Away from exams and school, free of syllabi for two glorious weeks! Back in the glory of the green, green West. But I mustn’t get ahead of myself – I still have 4 exams to write >.<”

In medical news, my surgery is almost completely healed over which is awesome. It was interesting seeing it progress over the last little while. Ain’t the body cool? Yes, yes it is. Four popped collars cool.




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6 responses to “Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

  1. Alena

    Glad you had a good St. Nicholas Day. Both you and dad share his name as your middle names and so he must be your patron saint. The healing of your body is the greatest news of all.

  2. Robbie

    NIN on Friday were tight. Wish you were there

  3. Good luck with your exams.

  4. semisane

    Ohh man! NIN came on November 12th while I was in the hospital so I missed ’em. I woulda seen them at a tiny club too, which would have been fantastic. Ah well, c’est la vie. I’ll see ya soon Robbie!

  5. Ryan Swanson

    Haha. I’ll never forget the time you explained St. Nicholas Day to me Sash.

    “Wait.. so you seriously get chocolates put in to your shoe..?”

    You crazy Czechs.

    Maybe you should take part in my family’s pingstdagen. It involves some good foodz.

  6. Stephen Rogers

    the west isn’t so Green any more. It’s white from Vancouver to Victoria and everywhere in between

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