Exam ✓, Cold ✓, 1 hour, It’s Friday✓+

Fast actin'

Fast actin'

Hello guys, sorry for the long hiatus. Let bygones be bygones!

Had I received a fortune cookie this morning that said, “This day will bring many challenges”, it would be one of the rare situations where ambiguous statements like that would perfectly apply. You see, I’ve had a nasty cold for the last few days which has been exhausting and Kleenex-intensive in addition to a midterm exam for my World of Chemistry: Environment course which I had tonight. I must say that with the help of the 3 R’s I have survived the cold:
The picture of the day is a tribute to the various drugs that have helped me during this phlegm-y time in my life. The face outline is Cold-FX, or Ginseng. The two vibrant eyes are Sunkist Vitamin C tablets(500 mg a piece!). The nose, a night time Advil Cold and Sinus. Thank you fellas, you are the Elven cleric to my Orcish warrior! Anyways, I shan’t bore you any longer with the details of my illness.

As for what else is new… well it has been over a month, so I am gonna cut the ramblin’ and lay it out in list format

  • Term II is well under way, my favourite course this term is probably also my craziest, Chinese Action Film. It is pretty sweet going to class and seeing a bunch of dudes duking it out with scimitars, quarter staves and always, their fists and feet, and then going to lecture and having a teacher talk about its historical/cultural significance. For an asia-maniac(with regards to games, movies, anime and noodles at least) like myself, it’s a good time for sure. Also, every film is so poorly translated it puts All Your Base Are Belong to Us to shame. Good times there for sure.
  • This term has seen the emergence of a new musical genre in my iPod and speaks, Hip-Hop. That’s right, Hippity-Hip Hop, as the real g’s call it. It all started one January night where my friend Yaakov convinced me to see Notorious with him on opening night. Now, up to this point I knew only that Notorious B.I.G was a rapper. I did not yet know that he was a mad, rhyme spittin’ genius straight outta’ Brooklyn. And from Biggy on I was hooked. I mostly listen to A Tribe Called Quest, Biggy, Jay Z, and Tupac(don’t get me wrong though, East Coast(for rap, not in general) 4 Life!).
  • I became the proud owner of the Xbox360. There was one being sold for dirt cheap on the McGill classifieds and I had to snag it. Currently I am playing Ninja Gaiden II and Gears of War through but there are many games and many possibilities ahead. I look forward to someday playing Fable II and Fallout 3, those games look delicious! If anyone out there has any game suggestions for me, shout em out loud, then type them in comments.

Alrighty, I am tuckered out. Goodnight!

PS: cute/funny video

PPS: a cool example of when music and multimedia fuse for awesomeness(thanks Mica)



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4 responses to “Exam ✓, Cold ✓, 1 hour, It’s Friday✓+

  1. Alysson

    I am jealous of your wellness. I am currently battling a furious cold. I think I’ve probably only slept 12 hours in the past three days, but I have sum Nyquil for tonight.. and I have faith that I will get a nice long sleep tonight. so excited. currently I’ve been living off water, orange juice, tea, and Neocitran. I hope to join you in the living very soon.

  2. oleh

    sleep well . . . with a bunch of dudes duking it out with scimitars, quarter staves and always, their fists and feet, . . . running through your dreams

    Welcome back

  3. Alena

    So fine to hear that you are in the land of the living again!I like your fine art. Handsworth did the theatre of Possibilites show last week and it was quite good. Talking about Asian things, Mica and I plan to go to China this summer; would you like to join us?

  4. I am pleased that Tiger Woods is back playing. It makes the sport exciting yet again.

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