HAIR: The Musical

hairposterWhew, I saw quite an amazing show tonight. It had . . .

Vietnam, Johnson, high school, sex, coffee, books,
food, scissors, magazines, news, cigarettes,
Hollywood, Tuesday Weld,
Burton-Taylor, pop art, pop off, popcorn, popsicle,
Andy Warpop, pop paper, pop up,
Popeye, poppers,England, outer space,
astronauts, Jesus, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair!

I haven’t seen a stage performance since first term where I saw Dark Side of the Moon which was a less than spectacular McGill production. However, HAIR, The American Tribal Love Rock Musical was a true spectacle. It had great songs, great energy, a great set and most importantly a cool setting. Not that 1968 was cool, in fact it was one of the worst years in American History. RFK’s and MLK’s death, the Tet Offensive and The ’68 Democratic National Convention. All the more reason to ditch the dockers and let the luscious locks grow. I was really blown away by the quality. Having really only been exposed David Beare epics for the last 5 years it was great to see how other people do it.  This play was topical, hysterical, jovial, grooooovy and an all around wicked time. Only downside was that it made me miss my good ol’ mane. Ah well, I can still totally be a hippie at heart.

Also, tonight was my friend Liz from Chicago’s 19th Birthday so we had a pool party in the 6th floor bathroom. I got her an amazingly cool katana that I named “Ashbringer, Blessed Blade of the Windkeeper”. Needless to say, she thought it was awesome. All around a righteous day.

Peace and love,


never forget

never forget



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2 responses to “HAIR: The Musical

  1. Robbie

    Amen. I think that was eve right…?

  2. oleh

    At 1025 Montreal this morning we entered into the age of Aquarius as the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars . . . now peace shall reign forever.

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