The Paths I Call Home

IMG_0878Today, I took a walk down memory lane, actually memory trail. After being so taken by the beautiful natural scenery on Vancouver Island this weekend I decided to walk the paths of my youth with my Canon A590 in hand. Namely, I trekked through Murdow Fraser Park and the Capilano Woods.

Recently, I was discussing why I prefer photographing natural environments rather than urban environments with my friend Ryan. We agreed that the fascinating thing about forests is their dynamic nature. The photographs taken in these woods today represent a unique, specific time in the life of that ecosystem. One particularly nostalgiac sight was the decomposed trunk of the tree that I had the rare experience of seeing fall back in the summer of grade 9. After just about 5 years it has become a nursery tree that is supporting new life. I find that reassuring. Anyways, enjoy the photos.




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3 responses to “The Paths I Call Home

  1. oleh

    I also find the nurselog phenomenon reassuring. It can lead to some interesting sights such as a tree seemingly growing from above the earth when the nurse log disappears or a line of trees growing in a straight line where once they were perched or nourished by a nurse log.

    Thanks for the good photographs!

  2. oleh

    It seems that one of the advantages of photography of nature is nature’s acceptance of us doing so. A tree, a flower, a landscape does not turn its head or voice its displeasure, This is different from people subjects where both the photographer may wish not to intrude and the subject may not want to be intruded upon.

  3. oleh

    I return to see these photos from time to time. It is as if \i was walking in my woods. A number of them have a cathedral-like quality.

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