Sasquatch Music Fest


This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to the Sasquatch Music Festival in the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington State. I camped with a bunch of old and new friends from Handsworth and had an absolute blast. This won’t be an experience I shall soon forget.

The site was breathtaking. The main stage is built before a humongous natural amphitheatre that has capacity well above 20,000 people. Behind the stage there is a picturesque view of The Gorge itself, which is apparently infamous amongst windsurfers for having ideal conditions for the sport. Needless to say, the epic scenery made for some epic performances. One artist that really brought it was The Decemberists. They were touring for their recent CD, The Hazards of Love, a concept album which revolves around a love story between an innocent girl, Margaret, and a shapeshifting forest-dweller. The album once again  taps into the band’s sharp skill for captivating folk storytelling but introduces a never-before-heard rock sound. It is a really phenomenal album and certainly worth picking up or downloading. Their sunset performance really made the first day great.

The second day’s greatest performance definitely goes to Mr. Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. Having already seen NIN for the premiere show on their Lights in the Sky tour last summer at Pemberton Festival, I was pretty sure I knew what to expect. Well let me say, NIN took my expectations and shattered them to dust. This set was composed of perfect songs in a perfect venue. It was awesome to see them live, doing their thing. On the third day, Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 were by far my favourite. Some others that I would suggest looking into were Fleet Foxes, an indie group with an acoustic sound and stunning vocals, Gogol Bordello, a Ukranian punk-rock band, and Blind Pilot, another acoustic troupe.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Having had my vacation, I come home ready to work and enjoy life this summer. Red Robin gets easier every day and I’m sure once I get to know the work and the people I will have a good time there. Underneath I’ll post a gallery of my Sasquatch photos for all to see.




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  1. oleh

    Gorgeous Tatoo

  2. oleh

    I miss your posts.

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