Une mère extraordinaire

Today is my mom’s birthday, so I thought I’d try something new this time around. Enjoy!



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14 responses to “Une mère extraordinaire

  1. alena

    Dearest Sasha,
    words fail me this morning after receiving your birthday gift…It is simply beautiful. Thanks and I love you, mom

  2. oleh

    Incroyable! What an amazing gift!

  3. mica

    What a cutie! Sasha, you gone and done it. So well dressed too.

    It’s a lovely little composition. A lovely song for a lovely mommy.



  4. mica

    p.s. are your eyes closed for the 2nd half?

  5. semisane

    Thank you guys. Haha, no Mica, my eyes are open the whole time pretty much. Just the angle I suppose.

  6. teta roksoliana

    Dear Sasha,

    What a beautiful gift you have given and what a beautiful gift you have!
    Love, Teta Roksoliana

  7. ihor

    It’s beautiful Sasha !

  8. Olenka

    Sasha! That was really great. It was played so well and I can’t believe you wrote the song actually! You play very musically. I hope that you will keep us updated on your other musical adventures. Good luck! Keep it up! Olenka

  9. Cousin Ivanka


  10. Katrusia

    Wow! Very impressive. Sasha, you should be very proud of yourself!

  11. Teta Kassandra

    Very beautiful composition.

  12. Chris Crosby

    So great of your father to share this with his friends. My wife Marie loved it as did I. All I can say is La Mere Extraordinaire has “un fils tres gentil!!”. Chris.

  13. Cousin Tamara

    What an exquisite piece Sasha. I hope you will continue to compose!

  14. Jorgen

    Wow Sasha,

    each time I hear you play I’m more impressed than the time before! You make a great pianist, I’ll always be looking forward to hearing more.

    Beautiful composition!

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