Mrs. Yesterday

My first attempt at writing a song with lyrics for piano. My friends Brynn and Shenna suggested I do so today, so I picked the easiest style of music – Blues. Enjoy.



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9 responses to “Mrs. Yesterday

  1. alena

    Your summer of music is paying off and this is a lovely composition and song. What a joy to see your dedication and passion!

  2. Very impressive.

    I would definitely like an MP3 version.

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  4. northernsong

    Great song Sasha!

  5. semisane

    Thanks Tristan.

  6. oleh

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful song with us. I am looking forward to hearing and seeing more.

  7. Did you end up making an audio recording?

  8. semisane

    No Mil, I didn’t. The only microphone I could locate was a poor quality vocal mic. It wasn’t able to record the piano very well. Perhaps some day though.

  9. oleh

    Mrs. Yesterday had its public debut when Sasha and Sheena Marie performed it during their one hour set at the BackStreet Lounge in Vancouver. A wonderful evening.

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