On The Radio, a rap


Though quite a far-cry from previous projects, I present On The Radio, my latest track. It is a collaboration between myself (“Ill Sash”) and my friend Matt (“Biji M.”), a talented musician and producer. In recent years I’ve become much more interested in hip-hop music after being introduced to the genre by my current roommate Yaakov. Making this rap was a great pleasure, and I hope this is the first of many.

Many thanks to Biji for his hard work in the recording and, especially, the mixing phases of On The Radio. Enjoy!

PS: It can be downloaded in mp3 format by clicking the down arrow button to the right of the track.



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6 responses to “On The Radio, a rap

  1. oleh

    My music appreciation is being expanded. Thank you for expaning it.

    For me and others maybe not familiar to hip hop, can you tell us something about how this was produced. Are the lyrics yours? What are the instruments used? Whose is the voice or voices? How many hours were involved in the production and where did it occur?.

  2. semisane


    The lyrics and instrumentals are 100% created by Matt and I. We wrote our respective verses and decided on the chorus together. As far as instrumentation goes it is produced using a digital keyboard interfaced with a PC through a system called MIDI. It allows you to record information like note values, duration and the velocity of the initial key touch. This info can then be applied to a specific sample set, be it a Steinway grand or perhaps some strings or a bass guitar. The voices are Matt and mine and we probably spent about 25 hours working on it in his room/studio known as The Biji Island.

    Practically all the post-processing was done by Matt who is incredibly skilled in mixing and editing software.

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  4. You are definitely demonstrating your versatility. Very nicely done.

    By the way, that player applet doesn’t work on iPhones or iPads. It’s probably unsupported Flash. Boo Apple.

  5. alena

    I love this new venture and another angle of music. It is a catchy tune and I will share it with my friends. Great work and sounds like fun too!

  6. iTunes tells me that I have listened to this mp3 45 times since I got it.

    It’s an enjoyable song, definitely, but you need to put up a new recording!

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