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Rêverie, op. 15 no.7 – R. Schumann

I’d like to dedicate a piece to my wonderful mom Alena on her birthday! I wish I was home to celebrate, but am sending my love. Needless to say, you da best!



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Une mère extraordinaire

Today is my mom’s birthday, so I thought I’d try something new this time around. Enjoy!


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Yellowpoint Lodge

IMG_0686This weekend I went on a picturesque excursion to Yellowpoint Lodge near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Needless to say, there was more than my fair share of natural beauty to be admired and adored. It was a lovely way to get back into the West Coast groove and reinforce what makes BC so unique in Canada. I had a great time with the family and hope my mom had an amazing Mother’s Day.

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Aeroplane Blues



As I sit at gate C-51, prepped to take Air Canada 150 back to Montreal’s Trudeau Airport, I look back on my trip home for the holidays. Overwhelmingly, my desire is that it did not have to end so soon. It’s a cruel thing having to say good-bye to the place and the people you love twice in just a few months. I once again depart reaffirmed just how incredible Vancouver and Vancouverites are. However, life goes on and I do feel truly blessed to be able to live in Montréal and study there. So, I should really remain positive knowing that it won’t be long ’till I am once more in the company of old friends. Some highlights of the trip were:
– Laura’s birthday party at Jonah’s house
– Gaming with Kwang-Hee again. You have no idea how much I missed that guy.
– Hanging with Brenner, Peebles, D-Mac, Par, Wasy, Cole, Meri and all those great people.
– Seeing Robbie and Courtney – you guys never fail to amaze me with your love for me and eachother
– Capture the flag with Sclark, Brynn, Peebles, Brenner, Paul and all those Ians(and the Bolderdashing afterwards)
– Christmas, but that goes without saying.
– New Years for a few reasons:
1. Jorgen blessed me with his presence on this joyous day/eve
2. Seeing all the old drama folk at Ethan’s house.
3. Some much needed communication between me and a certain someone special(Thank goodness : – ])
– Sleeping until any time I damn-well pleased.
– The village in the wee morning hours reminding me of simpler days.

Those are just the ones that come to my sleep-deprived mind at the moment. It would be impossible to sum up all the great highlights of this trip. Everything from the evergreen trees of the West Coast to the unexpected snow made this a trip to remember. Overwhelmingly, this holiday confirmed two things to me. Firstly, that home is where the heart is. Secondly, no matter where I go or how I change, home pretty well stays the same. The former is a cliché that can’t properly be appreciated until you leave the nest. The latter is a new-found truth that will comfort me during the hard times that life alone presents. Thank you everyone.



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Christmas Greetings from Sufjan Stevens!

Merry Christmas : ]



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Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

The Saint himself

The Saint himself

That’s right! Today is Saint Nicholas Day, a day of mirth and celebration. My family usually celebrates it with the old tradition of leaving out one’s shoe to be filled with candy, socks, vitamins and much more. I didn’t really know the origins of Saint Nicholas Day, so I consulted man’s greatest resource: Wikipedia. After some enlightenment I proceeded to open the package sent by my mom. It contained some swanky items indeed. Gloves, a must in the nippiness of Montreal. A cool dragon sun-catcher thang to optimize the Feng Shui of my abode. Some practical woolen socks in addition to some crazy colourful socks(I always need socks. Send more socks.) And last, but certainly not least, a brownish/gold jacket identical to my favourite jacket back in grade 9. It’s a wee bit bigger than my other one, but I am a wee bit bigger than myself in grade 9, so it’s perfect. I layered under it with just a sweater today. Pow! Pretty much dropkicked the cold square in the face. Happy Saint Nicholas Day to all! It’s sweet cause it’s like the appetizer before the main course, X-mas! And X-mas can mean only one thing: Vancouver! 14 days till I get to fly home, away from this strange and foreign land. Away from advertisements that are all in french! Away from the constant cigaretty scent of Downtown Montreal! Away from exams and school, free of syllabi for two glorious weeks! Back in the glory of the green, green West. But I mustn’t get ahead of myself – I still have 4 exams to write >.<”

In medical news, my surgery is almost completely healed over which is awesome. It was interesting seeing it progress over the last little while. Ain’t the body cool? Yes, yes it is. Four popped collars cool.



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Today I received a very special trifecta of gifts in the mail. Firstly, my mom sent me a copy of Love You Forever. It was a really sweet gesture of her. Indeed, if I had to select my favourite child author it would certainly be Robert Munsch. Everything from The Paper Bag Princess to Mortimer to Thomas’ Snowsuit, it’s alllllll goood! Secondly, my mom’s students, in a characteristic act of generosity, sent me a black and red scarf in the mail. It is just beginning to get chilly in Montreal and my neck is oh so thankful. If you are reading this mom, please pass my appreciation along. Thirdly, my friend Sierra who is studying at a castle in England sent me a very very cool book of art by an artist called Banksy. He is a very talented, edgy and stylish graffiti artist who takes it to the streets of London! The picture above is just one of his many awesome works of urban art. For the benefit of anyone interested I will upload an extensive gallery of digital Bansky scans that I found on Demonoid. Enjoy!


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